Welcome to Numenéra.

The Wandering City is exactly what the name implies.

Built into what appears to be a portion of a city from a previous World, it travels from site to site in the Ninth World on a semi-predictable schedule. The Wandering City periodically blinks out of existence and instantly appears hundreds or thousands of miles away, hovering above the highest point below it.

The City itself is cut out of buff-colored stone (or something that looks a lot like stone) and is a rabbit warren of winding streets and crumbled buildings. Entire sections of the structure itself are known to periodically shift and rotate, cutting off known paths and creating new routes through the complex — possibly marooning intrepid adventurers at the same time.

In the relatively stable area that surrounds the only known entrance to the Wandering City, a vibrant trading town has sprung up, offering a wide variety of goods to the remote locations where the City occasionally visits. Many who enter the City are there to explore the less stable areas of the complex, the possibility of unearthing remnants of the ancients outweighing the substantial perils of exploring the complex.

The City is also a destination for those in the Ninth World that might be seen as pilgrims. Many wait years for the City to appear in their vicinity and enter it knowing they might never see their families again, all for the opportunity to learn from the Aeon Priests already living there.

Your adventure begins when you agree to track down artifacts for a new Priest in the City.

Numenéra: The Wandering City

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