Numenéra: The Wandering City

When first we meet

Chapter One: Day 1

Our story begins on a bright clear day in the Wandering City. Adendry Meredak was seen traveling through the city when she spied an eager face, watching from close by. The traveling minstrel, Nikabod rushed close to her side and began to share his latest exploits with BugBears. After a rather awkward exchange, the two made their way to the notice board.

A shadowy figure, Maja, looked on with interest at the unlikely pair. She had only just arrived to the Wandering City but had already taken a liking to the cheerful and highly entertaining bard. She followed along silently as they waked toward the City Temple.

Senna stood among the large crowd gathered at the temple. She’d never seen quite so many people all at once in the Wandering City. The promise of 100 Shins as payment had certainly brought every would be adventurer from the Wandering City out of the woodwork. She stayed quiet among the ruckus watching and waiting.

Fian stood tall, not knowing exactly what for but understanding 100 Shins would pay for quite a bit. She was the last of ten to enter the room where Priest Feron Eddin was looking closely at each candidate. Priest Feron made her final selection of candidates and began to share the detail of their assignment.

The city was losing water. Whole sections on the outskirts of town were now devoid of any running water. An expedition of priests had gone out to find the water source and fix the problem. Only one member had returned, reporting their failed mission. After finding out a few more detail from the priest, Adendry negotiated 20 Shins upfront for the party along with the agreed 5 days rations per person.

As the party was about to split up, Fian turned to inquire where to buy a compass. Adendry lead the group to an establishment where she “knows” the shopkeepers.


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